Pascal, production staff

Production staff
In service
2 years

Pascal (18) was about to complete his secondary vocational education and knew he wanted to get a job in the construction sector. Using his hands to contribute to wonderful projects; that is what he loves most in the world. There was only one problem: the construction sector is so wide. He was not sure what the right job for him was or where his talents lay. During his vocational-education studies, he works at Jan Snel as a member of the production staff, which allows him to experience various disciplines first-hand.



“My team leader is helping me discover and develop my talents.”

Exploring the building sector

“When it was time for me to choose a study programme, I did not know exactly what career I wanted to pursue. I knew I wanted to work in the construction sector. I’m not the biggest fan of sitting in school all day. At that age, it can be difficult to choose a specific field within the construction sector while having hardly any experience. What if you don’t like the field you chose? What if you want to move to a different field?”

Room to discover and grow

“I ended up at Jan Snel via my buddy Andy. It quickly turned out to be a good match for me. The most important thing here is your attitude. Are you willing to learn and work hard to achieve your goals? If so, you will receive the time and attention you need to grow. I am having a great time here and I get to work on some amazing projects. I learn something new every single day, so I am developing rapidly. I get a lot of support from my team leader and my colleagues. They give me the confidence to take initiative and be curious.”

All disciplines under one roof

“The major benefit of working at a modular building company is that it contains all disciplines related to the building sector under one roof. I first came here as an electrician. As it turned out, that is not where my passion or talents lie. I now work as a carpenter, which I enjoy a lot more. It looks like I have found my place here, but I would also like to experience what it’s like to work in other fields. For example, Andy works as a plumber. That also sounds fun. Fortunately, I have ample opportunity to try new things. This helps me develop into a well-rounded professional.”

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