Realised projects

We realise our amazing projects through hard work and collaboration. We are proud of that. As our future colleague, you can contribute to this as well. What might that look like?

Take a look at a selection of our recent modular building projects below.

SET, IJburg

In early 2017, housing corporation De Alliantie faced the challenge of providing accommodations for selected asylum seekers on very short notice. The 141 houses to be realised as part of project SET had to have a mature, architectural appearance, while being mindful of the existing environment and its residents. The project consists of single-person studios and two-person apartments. The houses contain a concrete floor and timber frame walls with a modular steel construction, which makes them stackable. The façades were finished on location. Due to the urgency of the situation, the project was allowed to deviate from the area’s zoning plan for a maximum of ten years. The modular building method not only made it possible to erect the building in just three months; it can also be disassembled in due time and the same accommodations can be rebuilt elsewhere. The building features an ell-electric climate-control system and solar panels that generate part of the building’s energy.


Jan Snel was tasked by Nationaal Coördinator Groningen to realise a new child centre: The Farmsumerborg. The building is located in the town of Farnsum in Groningen, in the area where there is an elevated risk of earthquakes. As the existing building was damaged, there was a need for temporary accommodations. In terms of its quality and appearance, the project result exceeded everyone’s expectations. It was therefore decided to move into the new accommodations on a permanent basis. The building is used as a school and day-care facility. It is well insulated and powered entirely by electricity. For example, the installation is all-electric (heat pump), the mezzanine features electric windows and the building has electric screens on every side.

Franciscus Gasthuis

In just four months’ time, Medexs delivered a hybrid operating room (OR) for the Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland in Rotterdam. A hybrid OR makes it possible to scan a patient during their surgery.

This means they do not have to undergo an intensive treatment twice. In this manner, the hybrid operating room brings two different healthcare procedures together, which ultimately saves time and effort and makes for an easier recovery for the patient.

After constructing nearly the entire operating room at our factory in Montfoort, it was shipped to the project location in parts. On the first floor of the healthcare facility, the new hybrid operating room was then connected to the existing OR using, among other things, a steel construction. The entire project was completed in under six months.

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