On the way to a world without wastefulness

Sustainability and responsibility

As a building company, we have an important task to perform: realising sustainable housing for everyone. In fulfilling this task, we take our responsibility for people and the environment.


A clean world without wastefulness. That is our ambition. This means the building sector has a lot of work to do. Traditional building methods will have to be drastically overhauled in order to contribute to the climate targets.

Sustainable, clean and innovative building methods must become the new standard. Disassembly instead of demolition. Reuse instead of wastefulness. We believe in a clean world. These are more than empty words; they represent our vision for the future.

Circular building process

Sustainability is a key concern for our company. Daiwa House Modular Europe has already begun working towards a zero-waste policy by reusing all materials in a high-grade manner and thereby making its production 100% circular in the near future. In doing so, we contribute to a sustainable future for our economy and our environment. When designing our modular buildings, we already take the reusability of products into account. Our modules are easy to disassemble and reuse at a different location.

This flexibility ensures that modular buildings will always be able to meet society’s needs. Student accommodations can easily be converted into housing for the elderly and an office building can be converted into a school in no time at all. The structures and materials are designed for disassembly and reuse, which means there will be little to no residual waste when a building is no longer adequate for whatever reason.

Knowledge is power

Reusing our modules has already massively improved the sustainability of our operations, but our work is not done yet. Daiwa House Modular Europe has set itself the ambition of conducting its operations as part of a fully closed loop in the near future. To realise this goal, we use a revolutionary platform: EcoChain. Via this platform, we evaluate every phase of our production process in terms of e.g. carbon emissions and waste processing. This tells us exactly where our strengths and points of improvement lie and lets us take effective action. With this approach, we hope to not only stimulate ourselves but also all other businesses in the production chain to strive towards circularity.


The housing solutions developed by Daiwa House Modular Europe are built for and by people. In everything we do, safety always comes first. We are not just talking about the safety of our own people, but also that of the environment. After all, safety is something we realise together.

In our sector – more than in many other sectors – it is incredibly important to work safely. No matter how amazing the results of our projects may be, the building sector is inherently risky. The key is to manage these risks consciously. That is why Daiwa House Modular Europe opts for an approach that centres around awareness and engagement. Our goal is to build an organisation where safety is embedded deep within our people’s DNA. That goes for our project and production sites and our offices. We strive to improve all the time and are always actively looking for feedback from within the organisation. This allows us to learn from our experiences and effectively mitigate risks. Safety always comes first.

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