Modular building

Complete factory-made modules

At Daiwa House Modular Europe, we use modular building methods. Modular building is a building method that involves producing large parts of the accommodation in a factory. We produce complete modules that are then assembled at the construction site into a single building, complete with piping, cabling and whatever else that specific building requires.

Considerable time savings and lower carbon emissions

This building method offers a number of major benefits in terms of its quality, speed and sustainability. The use of standardised actions, automation and robotisation results in considerably higher labour productivity and lower error margins. This allows us to deliver optimal quality consistently. The shorter design phase lets us begin production sooner and minimise the assembly time on location. This results in a time savings of 30-50% per project.

On top of that, we are fully dedicated to reusing materials whenever possible and account for the future of a project during the building process itself. As a result, our carbon emissions are 50% lower than those of the traditional construction sector. If a building no longer meets a client’s needs or wishes, the modules are given a second lease on life in a different formation or at a new location.This means circa 80% of the components are reused. In other words, our building method is smarter, faster and cleaner!

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