Working at Daiwa House Modular Europe

We are going to make it together

That is what we believe. We mean this in the broadest sense of the word. We work together every day to realise the finest projects. Carpenters, forklift drivers, safety specialists and calculators: every member of our organisation makes an important contribution to the growth and development of our company. That is why we like to invest in you too. We recognise your inherent talents and qualities. We make sure you end up in the right position within our organisation, where you can grow and develop.

What can we offer you?

Modular building offers various benefits in terms of time, the environment and quality, but also for you as an employee.

  • We combine all areas of expertise within the building sector under one roof. Welders, operators, carpenters, roofers and so on. This means you will always have myriad opportunities for professional growth and development. Do you aspire to be a specialist in your field? Would you rather be an all-round professional? The sky is the limit at Daiwa House Modular Europe.
  • 80% of our production process takes place in our factories and only 20% at the construction site. This means we employ both office and production staff and field service staff. Do you like stability? Are you tired of working outside and being exposed to the elements? A position as part of our office or production staff might be perfect for you. Do you enjoy putting the finishing touches on the assembly of a project at the construction site? You might be the perfect person to join our field service.
  • As a result of the rapid developments in the modular building sector, our organisation is growing rapidly. This offers stability, assurance and myriad opportunities for professional growth and development. We are always looking for ambitious professionals. Are you going to make it at Daiwa House Modular Europe?

Our mission? Sustainable housing for everyone

That is what keeps us going. We play an important role in providing a solution for the current housing shortage. A large number of houses have to be built in a short period of time and in a sustainable manner. That is exactly what we do. In our factories, we can produce large numbers of houses quickly. We do our part to make comfortable and future-proof accommodations available for everyone. You can help us realise this goal!

The Dutch construction and real-estate sector is currently responsible for circa 50% of the country’s carbon emissions and circa 45% of its waste production. Our goal is to drastically reduce these percentages. It is therefore our ambition to make our production and building processes fully circular over the course of the next few years. At the moment, our carbon emissions are already more than 50% lower than those of the traditional construction sector and we are able to reuse more than 80% of our waste.


We want our work floor to be a place where people feel at home; after all, you spend a large part of your day at work. It is important to us to ensure that everyone feels welcome within our organisation. Collegiality, engagement and a good work-life balance are therefore of paramount importance. How do we provide those things?

Young talent

Are you looking for a great place to start your professional career? You found it! Daiwa House Modular Europe offers myriad opportunities for young talent. We offer internship positions for vocational-education, higher-education and university students. If you have already completed your studies, but you are not sure what you want to do next, we offer you the opportunity to experience different aspects of the building sector first-hand. From woodworker to plumber and from work planner to engineer; we will help you discover your true passion.

Are you convinced that our organisation is the perfect place for you? Take a look at all our vacancies or send us your open application!