Murwin, construction operator

In service
3 years

Murwin (40) is a welder in heart and soul. When he moved from Surinam to the Netherlands years ago, he had to give up his passion for the time being. Three years ago, he decided to get a job in the building sector again: “It was time to start following my heart once more.”

“I can once again be the family man I want to be”

Choosing your passion

“When my family and I moved to the Netherlands years ago, it was hard to find a job as a welder in the construction sector. I chose the safe route and got a job in the sterilisation department of a hospital. I had a young family to care for and it the job was fun enough, but I did miss the world of construction. I had no outlet for my creativity and the job was not particularly diverse.

I wanted to go back to the construction sector, but I was nervous to actually make that move. Had I lost my touch when it came to welding? Would I be able to keep up with the latest developments, or had I missed out on too much while I was gone? I took a leap of faith and it worked out very well.”

Never too late to grow

“I chose Daiwa House Modular Europe as an employer because modular building truly is the future. I was eager to contribute to more sustainable, more efficient and faster building projects. Another major advantage is that I can ride my bike to work. Now that I have been here a few years, I am discovering another major benefit of working for such an innovative company: advancement opportunities. It wasn’t long before I got to enrol in the training to become a welding robot operator. I seized that opportunity with both hands. When my colleagues need help, I will do some manual welding, but I spend most of my time nowadays as an operator. I also take younger colleagues under my wing to show them the ropes of the business. I really love that.”


“My job is important to me, but my personal life is far more important still. My wife and I have a wonderful family and I want to be there to watch my children grow up. That is why I only work four days a week. My team leader understands how important a good work-life balance is to me and that this ultimately benefits my job performance as well. I start early, so I get to go home early as well. That means I cook three nights a week and the vacuum cleaner is my responsibility as well. I love how involved I get to be with my family. If I ever want to work overtime to earn some extra money, that is always possible as well. There is more than enough to do.”

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